January 2023 Citterio launches Black230 which is a new black patented prepreg ballistic finishing fabric – solvent free – suitable to easily finish UHMWPE based rigid structures (as inserts, panels, shields, helmets, inserts) drastically reducing finishing time and providing effective adhesion to many types of UHMWPE UDs and paints.
Black230 is innovative, lighter than polyurethane and provides also ballistic properties, so there is no parasitic weight on the solution which results in being lighter and with a higher protection performance.
September 2020 Major BAM designs a winning ultra-comfort solution made of JB007, JB008 and STG24 a hybrid solution based on a combination of recently launched Citterio products JB007, JB008 and STG24 has proved to be successful on the market thanks to its extreme low areal density, high flexibility and performance consistency (Lev IIIA , KR1/SP1)
June 2020 Citterio launches JB007 and JB008 made of ENERGYA Ultra Copoly Aramid Fiber JB007 is the best in class antistab/spike product without compromising 9 mm V50; 30% lighter when compared to traditional aramid antistab/spike products
Just a few layers of the JB007 boost the performance of the solution to achieve extremely low areal densities.
JB008 is the best in class Multi Purpose Product it combines antistab/spike properties with good 44 Magnum performance.
JB007 and JB008 are supplied in rolls, width 120 / 160 cm
January 2020 Citterio launches STG24 STG24, the proprietary UHMWPE structure developed and manufactured by Fratelli Citterio, perfectly combines ballistic properties and BFD granting a high level of performance.
STG24 provides a very high level of comfort thanks to the enhanced flexibility of the structure
STG24 is supplied in rolls, width 160 cm
June 2018 Citterio launches ELIOS family - Eurosatory ELIOS family has been specifically designed to satisfy Multi-Threat-Protection (MTP) demand covering the full range of ballistic and stab/spike requirements at a competitive price:
- ELIOS 220: MTP material with enhanced ballistic performance
- ELIOS 245: MTP material with well balanced ballistic and stab/spike performance 
- ELIOS 285: MTP material with enhanced stab/spike performance
ELIOS family is supplied in rolls, width 160 cm
November 2017 Citterio launches Saturn 230 - Milipol Paris Top Performing Multi purpose Twaron based product developed to meet the growing demand of protection against bullets and stab/spike.
Thanks to the unique performance of Saturn 230 is possible to design MTP packages  having a low areal density and high flexibility
April 2016 Among other innovative high performance products, F.lli Citterio S.p.A. has introduced Vector 220 (VTR 220) specially created for highest STAB RESISTANCE.
Thanks to VTR220 outstanding resistance against stab penetration, a limited number of layers of the material is required to meet the highest stab energy levels providing in this way a light and comfortable package.
VTR220 is supplied in rolls up to 160 cm (63”) wide
March 2016 F.lli Citterio S.p.A. launches
Gemini 800 (GMN 800) a new product
GMN800, regards to its high resistance to bullet penetration, meets the most severe requests in terms of ballistic resistance with a lower areal density compared to other materials. Moreover, GMN800 is very flexible and the layers of the ballistic package do not need to be quilted granting in this way a high flexibility and wearability of the body armor. GMN800 is supplied in rolls up to 160 cm (63") wide.