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F.lli Citterio s.p.a. was founded in 1926 as a manufacturer of jacquard fabrics (tapestries, carpets) and velvets (furnishing, curtains, blankets) becoming soon a market leader in above said fields thanks to a strategy focused on process vertical integration (spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing).

During the years F.lli Citterio has been able to diversify the production focusing more on technical textiles for the automotive industry as well as flame retardants fabrics for the furnishing of public places as cinemas, auditoriums and theatres (among them the famous “Teatro alla Scala“ in Milan).

F.lli Citterio is nowadays managed by the third and fourth generation of the Citterio family and the company activity is focused in three main areas :

  • innovative materials for ballistic protection  
  • PVA water-soluble fibers
  • concrete and mortar reinforcement fibers
Citterio 2022-2023 Winning Solutions
  •  Australia, UK, Germany, Spain, France, Finland, Belgium, USA, Brasil, Korea, South Africa, Egypt, India, and others. 
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