April 10, 2016 Among other innovative high performance products, F.lli Citterio S.p.A. has introduced Vector 220 (VTR 220) specially created for highest STAB RESISTANCE.
Thanks to VTR220 outstanding resistance against stab penetration, a limited number of layers of the material is required to meet the highest stab energy levels providing in this way a light and comfortable package.
VTR220 is supplied in rolls up to 160 cm (63”) wide
March 31, 2016 F.lli Citterio S.p.A. launches
Gemini 800 (GMN 800) a new product
GMN800, regards to its high resistance to bullet penetration, meets the most severe requests in terms of ballistic resistance with a lower areal density compared to other materials. Moreover, GMN800 is very flexible and the layers of the ballistic package do not need to be quilted granting in this way a high flexibility and wearability of the body armor. GMN800 is supplied in rolls up to 160 cm (63") wide.
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