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F.lli Citterio is ISO 9001 certified.

The main target of F.lli Citterio is to grant to its customers products having a high and consistent quality, this is achieved complying with strict manufacturing internal procedures and carrying out quality control tests during the different production steps.

All products manufactured by F.lli Citterio are visually inspected and tested in the proprietary shooting range equipped to test materials up to NIJ Lev IV and in the stab resistance laboratory.

F.lli Citterio’s products are also tested in some of the most important shooting ranges as: Banco Nazionale di Prova in Gardone Val Trompia (Italy), Beschussamt Mellrichstadt (Germany), RMCS (UK) and TNO (Holland).

Citterio 2020 Winning Solutions
  •  Australia, UK, Germany, Spain, France, Finland, Belgium, USA, Brasil, Korea, South Africa, Egypt, India, and others. 
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