Products for Soft Armour

All soft armor materials have been developed by F.lli Citterio taking in mind the three main factors that lead a body armour to success:

performance,  weight,  price.

Three main product lines are dedicated to soft armour market:

  • Vector®  –  Stab and Spike Protection Product Line
  • Gemini® –  Ballistic Protection Product Line
  • Saturn®  –  Multi-threat Protection Product Line

Additional information concerning the performance of the Products for Soft Armour manufactured by F.lli Citterio will be supplied on request and are based on tests carried out at the major shooting ranges. 

Citterio 2022 Winning Solutions
  •  Australia, UK, Germany, Spain, France, Finland, Belgium, USA, Brasil, Korea, South Africa, Egypt, India, and others. 
General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Delivery
Product name Product Code Areal Density*
UNI EN 12127
Roll Length**
Roll  Width
UNI EN 1773
Product description
[gr/m2] [oz/yd2] meter yard cm inch
Vector 220 VTR220 225 6.64 100 109 160 63" Stab and Spike Protection
Gemini 550 GMN550 610 17.99 100 109 160 63" Ballistic Protection
Gemini 800  GMN800 890 26.25 100 109 160 63" Ballistic Protection
Saturn 230 STN230 230 6.78 100 109 160 63" Multi Threat Protection

* Areal Density tolerance is ± 4%
** The exact roll length is specified in the box label