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Product and Technology Licencing
F.lli Citterio Spa has internally developed and patented products and manufacturing processes which are available for licensing:
  • Compressible material for ballistic and / or stab resistant packages (co-owned patent with Teijin Twaron).
    Using the compressible material, the V50 of the package is increased of about 10-20 m/s
  • Low trauma Inserts.
    Thanks to a patented stratification, the BFS of the insert is reduced of about 10 mm compared to other insert having same weight
  • Continuous finishing process of materials for ballistic and stab resistant applications
  • Resin systems specially formulated for ballistic and stab resistant applications
  • Water-soluble PVA fibers to be used during the spinning and weaving process of fine fibers (cashmere, silk, etc)