Water Soluble
Filament Yarn
Easy solubility
utilization cost
environmental impact
MINTVAL  is easier to be dissolved in hot water than the conventional PVA spun yarns MINTVAL’s fineness makes it possible the use of lower percentages of it, thus reducing the cost per km of the yarns with which it’s twisted to The disposal of lower quantities of Mintval reduces the environmental impact and the treatment costs of the flue waters

Chemical-Physical Characteristics
PolyVinylAlcol, ethylene modified, highly hydrophilic and watersoluble
Type RS56T6 RS38T6
Fineness (57 dtex/6ff) 175 256
Tenacity (cN/dtex) 2,0 2,0
Strength (cN) 114 78
Elongation (%) 49 47
Packaging: bobbins (kg) 2,5 1,5

Mintval® technical assistence
is available on demand based on the customer products and production process.

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