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PVA Water Soluble Fibers

The water soluble fibers distributed by F.lli Citterio S.p.A. represent the most technological advanced textile products available as staple fibers, tops, spun yarns and filament yarns in a range of solubility in hot water ranging from 20°C to 90°C.

Technical characteristics:

  • Chemical and physical stability all along the textile process (spinning, weaving and finishing).
  • High tenacity and modulus of the spun yarns and the fabrics blended or twisted with such fibers.
  • Resistance to the steam setting process.
  • Complete dissolution in hot water and full elimination from yarns and/fabrics made with them.
Citterio 2022 Winning Solutions
  •  Australia, UK, Germany, Spain, France, Finland, Belgium, USA, Brasil, Korea, South Africa, Egypt, India, and others. 
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